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PC / Laptop Repair

Our certified and trained staff is ready to help you with your computing or technology needs. Day or night, Rain or Shine, we are here to help you with your computer repairs. Give us a call, Send us an email or simply visit our store. Our certified staff can't wait to meet you.

You need honest, dependable, helpful computer repair technicians. Repair technicians who aren’t light years behind the times, who have the proper training and the latest equipment and software to diagnose, repair, and fix your Computer or laptop.

You need repair technicians who are people-oriented, who are friendly, and who have a sense of urgency about getting your unit repaired and back to you ASAP. Technicians who can do authorized warranty and non-warranty work. And you need computer technicians who only recommend needed services and parts! You need one of America's most respected and most experienced Computer Repair Specialists.

Types of repairs and service support that we can help you with
Repairs of Laptop LCD screens, keyboards, motherboards and system boards, hard drive repairs, memory upgrades, hard drive backups, spam prevention, spyware removal, virus removal, system slowness, warranty extensions, and much, much more!

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